Make an Impact in the Lives of Lighthouse Scholars!

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$25,000 goal

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Make an Impact in the Lives of Lighthouse Scholars!

Thank you for considering donating to Lighthouse!

Lighthouse Athletic Department Needs Your Help!

Consider giving to Lighthouse Christian School. This year we are fundraising for our Winter Basketball Program. 79% of our students are economically disadvantaged and aren't able to cover the cost of playing sports. We believe that physical exercise and or sports play a positive role in the academic course of students, that is why we are raising $3,000.00 to help cover the cost of league and uniform fees for our girls and boys teams this upcoming season.

Thank you all from the bottom of our heart for all of your love, support and prayers!
Although the focus of this campaign is the athletic department there are other ways to support the school. Below is a list of additional expenses that Lighthouse needs to cover:

School: $5,000 - 10 Computers
Property: $10,000 - Playground Improvements $5,000 - Building Improvements$1,500 - Reception Improvements
Athletic Department: $6,000 - Athletic Department

Year End Giving is Upon Us! Donate immediately to Lighthouse!!!


Madison – one of the best places to live in the United States. You've raised your family here, built your business here, it's where you worship, volunteer, and give back. But it's not the best place to live for all of us. Children who are poor, especially kids of color, often fail to achieve the same success at school as children from more well off families. Children who fail in school too often end up trapped with limited choices and are at risk to all sorts of negative influences.

WHEN OUR KIDS FAIL, SO DOES OUR COMMUNITY. Consider the unrealized potential and lost opportunity. But there's hope for our future, and it's called Lighthouse Christian School. Our school provides exceptional quality education accessible to all students. With tenacity and humility, we are tackling racial disparities and the student achievement gap one child at a time. Despite a long waiting list of deserving children, our current building will not accommodate any more students. WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN CHANGE FUTURES!


Lighthouse Christian School nurtures the mind, body and spirit of all children in a multicultural, bilingual pre-school and elementary program. Since each child is unique and valuable we offer small class sizes as well as mixed age activities to promote community. We welcome students of all backgrounds. We are uniquely positioned to impact our children, our community, and our future.


  • Comprehensive standards-based curriculum approved by DPI; WRISA & NAEYC ACCREDITED
  • Full SPANISH immersion and MANDARIN instruction
  • The only Madison school that PARTICIPATES in the WISCONSIN PARENTAL CHOICE (voucher) program.
  • Current Enrollment: 160 students from infants - Grade 6. The following numbers represent 4k - 6th Grade: 47% HISPANIC, 28% African American, 15% White, 10% Asian.
  • 66 Low-Income Students
  • 96% of STUDENTS REACH APPROPRIATE GRADE LEVEL in one to one and one-half years (WCKE 2013-2014, Badger Exam 2014-2015, Forward Exam 2015-2016.
  • STUDENTS OUTPERFORM STATE PUBLIC & PRIVATE SCHOOL TEST SCORES for low-income students (School Report Card 2015-2016, DPI).

JOIN US IN CHANGING LIVES. Your support is needed now for the down payment and startup costs. Your gift towards our goal of $25, 000 will help Lighthouse Scholars be able to participate in sports and improvements to the school.

"Every year that we wait can be the difference for many of these students between graduating from high school and not graduating from high school." - Pastor Marcio Sierra

"All children deserve an opportunity to attend a school that can serve their needs and best interests." - Kaleem Ciare, Community Leader

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