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We Need Your Help

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$300,000 goal

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From the moment we closed the school back in March, we have been working hard to ensure that our scholars and staff don't miss a beat. As a result of a lot of hard work over the summer, WE STARTED THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR WITH A LOT OF EXCITEMENT AND READY TO FACE THE CHALLENGES THAT MIGHT COME OUR WAY. As a matter of fact, we are declaring that this new school year will be our BEST SCHOOL YEAR YET; IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

The past few months have had a lot of uncertainty and we had to make a lot of changes to how we do school and with the plans that we had worked on at the beginning of the calendar year. Some of those changes included our goals for fund raising and our budget.


Because of the pandemic and the new safety regulations, we have had to make a lot of expensive changes and improvements to how we run our school. I encourage you to read the information below and pray about how you can help us. At Lighthouse Christian School, we have taken a STEP OF FAITH, and have invested over $128,000 in COVID related expenses. These expenses were not part of our budget or an item in our planned fund raising campaign for the year, BUT, THERE ARE NO SURPRISES TO GOD AND WE ARE BELIEVING THAT GOD WILL PROVIDE.

We are doing both, in-person school and virtual learning for those that cannot attend in-person school. We have been working very hard to ensure that our scholars don't miss anything this new school year. We purchased an online platform that has enabled us to deliver virtual lessons effectively.


Technology (Computers/tablets for students and staff and other improvements) - Cost $75,500

Since we are doing virtual learning, we had to invest in computers for all the students from 1st grade to 8thgrade and the staff, and tablets for the 4k-5k kids. We also had to upgrade our firewall equipment and switches, to accommodate the new online traffic. This was a huge unexpected and urgent expense that we had to make in order to serve our scholars, many of whom don't have access to technology at home. Since school started on the 8th of September, we took a step of faith and ordered the computers with the cash we had on hand trusting God to do a miracle for future expenses.

Office Relocation to new building: Social Distancing safety – Cost $7,000

In order to accommodate social distancing at the school and to follow the guidelines that don’t allow people into the building while the children are present, we had to move our church offices from our current building to our new building. The cost of furniture and getting the offices ready was about $7,000. This includes some furniture, painting, carpeting, replacing the lights to LED lights (the new building is very dark), and adding a walk-way between the two buildings.

New Classroom (Social Distancing) - Cost $21,000

Again, in order to accommodate the children that are attending, and to follow the guidelines for social distancing, we had to build a new classroom. The cost of the new classroom was $21,000.

Desks/Furniture - Cost $7,000

Many of the classroom had group tables for the students. To follow the guidelines and to keep social distancing, we replaced some of the group tables with individual desks.

Safety Shields and masks/Other Equipment - Cost $2,500

The safety of our children and staff is our number one priority. For this reason, we are making sure we have the necessary equipment for our teachers and scholars. This includes safety shields, hand sanitizing stations, face coverings/shields for the staff, sanitizing/disinfecting equipment for our custodial team, and more.

Online Curriculum - Cost $15,000

We are doing both, in-person school and virtual learning for those that cannot attend in-person school. We have been working very hard to ensure that our scholars don't miss anything this new school year. We purchased an online platform that has enabled us to deliver virtual lessons effectively.


Parking Lot Repair - Cost $100,000

Our parking lot is very old and in need of repair. Every spring, we try to cover the potholes and do our best to fix it temporarily, but it’s getting to the point where there is not much we can do anymore. With every winter, the damage gets worse. We need to repair it sooner rather than later.

Building Maintenance/Repairs - Cost $17,000+

Three years ago, God blessed us with a beautiful building but it’s old and in need of some updates and repairs. We need a new water softener, new gutters for the entryways, some electrical work, an entry way awning (very important since we have to take temperatures of the children before entering the building and we have no covering for when it's raining), and areas of the roof need repair to stop leaks.

Playground Equipment - Cost $15,000

We have a beautiful playground but it's getting to be too small for our growing school. We would like to add more playground equipment to allow for more kids to enjoy the playground during their recess time, especially during these times when we are trying to have our children be outside as much as possible.

Plus other operational expenses

We are starting the second month of the school year already and we are grateful to God for the way that He is helping us navigate through all these changes. It hasn't been easy and we ask that you please continue to pray for our staff, our scholars and their families, and for continued guidance for our leadership team. Pray for protection, wisdom, rest, and peace in the midst of COVID.

We have made many changes to our budget and we have had to change our priorities. There are things that we needed, that are not included in this list, but we feel that those things can wait a little. What we have presented to you in this letter are our urgent needs. WOULD YOU ASK THE LORD TO GUIDE YOU IN HOW YOU CAN BE A FINANCIAL BLESSING TO LIGHTHOUSE? We have set a goal of raising this money by the spring (MARCH) of 2021. CONSIDER YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT AN INVESTMENT IN THE LIVES OF CHILDREN WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE MUCH TODAY, BUT ARE BEING EQUIPPED TO BE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW.

Please reach out to me directly if you would like to talk to me about how you can help. If you cannot give a gift this year but would like to pledge an amount for the year 2021, let me know. My email is msierrajr@ligthouseinmadison.org or you can reach me at 608-445-1317. I'm looking forward to talking to you.


Pastor Marcio Sierra Jr.
Senior Pastor and President - Lighthouse Church and Schools.